Prompt Pay 


Payment Timing

Summary of Payment Timing Law on Private Work

Summary of Payment Timing Law on Public Work

Subcontractor Negotiating Tip Sheet:  Progress Payment Timing



PA Fact Sheet on Retainage Reform

Summary of Retainage Law on Public Work

Subcontractor Negotiating Tip Sheet: Retainage for Sub is More than for GC


Mechanics Liens

Summary of Mechanics Lien Protections


Payment Bond Protections on Public Work (Little Miller Act)

Summary of Payment Bond Protections on Public Work

Subcontractor’s Negotiating Tip Sheet: Prospective Waiver of Rights


Contingent Payment

NEW!  Contingent Payment FAQ's

Summary of Contingent Payment on Private & Public Work

Subcontractor’s Negotiating Tip Sheet: Pay-if-Paid Clause


Payment Assurances on Public Private Partnerships

Summary of Subcontractor Payment Assurances on P3s


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